What, what, where?!?!?!?

Everyone tells me that they are happy, but they always have a look about them that says they could be happier. Recently, I felt wanderlust as I watched a baseball game in San Francisco and remembered the quality time I had vacationing there. However, I recently noted via Twitter that if I am unhappy with my house, I guess I should move. But, what does that say about the people moving into my house. They obviously think it is cool.

I want to travel all the time. I do not play the Lotto enough to ensure that I even have a possible chance of winning my $1 back let alone $100M. However, were I to win, I would invest in an RV and head west. When I reached the ocean, I would turn around Forrest Gump style and head back. Then, I would cross all the oceans in an attempt to visit all seven continents. Too often, I meet children who think their 1/2 acre in the suburbs defines the meaning of life. ¬†Visit an Italian slum, buddy…

So, if you have an idea about where you’d like to end up in your travels, comment and leave me a suggestion. Maybe we’ll see each other there.

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