What’s on, tonight?

Last night, the wife sat down after the kids were in bed and asked, “What’s on TV, tonight?” knowing that this was a precarious moment in our relationship, I asked her what she wanted to watch…So, for 5 minutes, we went back and forth arguing over what was least offensive on the DirecTV playlist. Then, we hit the guide button and scanned 250 channels only to discover the good shows had already started and the average ones wouldn’t begin for 25 minutes.

That’s why I like baseball on TV. You can start anywhere in a game and be immediately up to date in the game after two minutes. Typically, though, if I need to clear a room, I turn on the MLB television channel. What did we watch, last night? The wife let me watch the spy show where everything is unrealistic. Tonight, I imagine I’ll be the one giving in.

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