15 Rounds with a Toddler

Every day, twice a day, my son challenges his parents to a no-holds barred match to take a nap. Nap time is special because everyone can breathe a little easier and rejuvenate themselves through the pursuit of hobbies, or sometimes, chores. My favorite challenge is the “car nap” where we attempt to travel during his nap time in the hope that he will nod off during the trip and not terrorize our hosts. We all watch as he lowers his eyes, then his head starts bouncing, and finally after a fight worthy of top-billing, he gives in.

Today, I won round one, but now face him again. He really doesn’t need to nap if I am willing to commit to 10 timeouts per hour between 4pm and 7pm. Becoming a parent, I was told it was a selfless act where I would give back and the rewards would be multiplied. Just remember, be nice when you change your son’s diaper. One day, he’ll change yours.

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