Fashion police raid local gym (or should…)

This morning as I was dressing for the day, I knew I would be heading to the local fitness establishment and I actually thought, “Do these red shorts clash with my shirt?” I knew at that time I had crossed the invisible barrier of metrosexual behavior. Never considered a dandy, I now fear retribution since my fashion exploits are revealed. But that’s me; let’s talk about other people in the gym and comment on their apparel.
1. Never wear compression undergarments without shorts. Ever.
2. If you wore it yesterday to the same gym, do not wear today – even if washed.
3. Never to dress to impress. Everyone can tell.
4. Always choose technical fibers over cotton. Heavy sweaters especially.

5. Never plan to dress as a couple at the gym. Period.

As you seek to slim or tone your body, remember you can do it stylishly or plainly and no one will ever comment directly to your face. I can only comment on what i war, but since I live in the south, thank goodness my gym prohibits cut-off jeans.

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