Why guys like scifi…

Today, I watched yet another movie where aliens are invading earth and it is up to a few average joes, with aw, shucks, attitudes save the planet. From their infancy in the early fifties to this summer’s blockbusters including Transformers 3, which I am waiting to see tonight. Many writers like Isaac Asimov have broached the subject as to why people are fascinated with science fiction and I, of course, have come up with a small list of reasons guys more than gals head to the box office again and again to see a laser gun light up an alien transgressor.
1. Robots are just cool; they can do all the stuff we don’t want to and still have to obey the three laws. See I, Robot.
2. Women are always hot and may often wear spandex. Think Natalie Portman in Star wars.
3. The guy ALWAYS gets the girl. Think Star Wars, again..
4. One can actually get smarter if they use terminology heard on the show. Who knew about the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle until Star Trek compensated for it in their transporters.
5. A good science fiction knows when to blow up things and knows when to walk away…Mindless action films just blow stuff up, cause, it’s like, cool.

If there can be such movies as chick flicks, then there have to be guy flicks. Before you think about scatological and lewd behavior displayed in many recent big hits, remember that to truly impress a girl, you may actually try to pretend tone as smart as she is.

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  1. #1 by Stacie on July 27, 2011 - 10:50 pm

    Thanks to Andy for saving me from seeing this T3 on a date night! Even if I do appreciate a bit of scat humor every mow and then, I can skip Megan Fox’s cleavage and pout.

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