Why kids can’t tell time…

When William Shakespeare penned the lines of Hamlet describing time as the undiscovered country, he joined the ranks of countless writers who saw it becoming a river, flowing, unstoppable, and others who saw the seasons as the four corners of life. Either way, they touched on the idea that we’ve all come to recognize; time poses as an enigma, a puzzle that is easy to waste, difficult to manage, and impossible to master.
Today, I visited Six Flags amusement park and realized time would become my enemy as I waited to enter the parking area and witnessed the pilgrimage of hundreds of patrons that would all find a way to be in front of me in the lines for the rides. My first ride took forty minutes and seven hours later, my last ride took sixty. In between, my daughter and I balanced the merits of the ride with the variable wait times. We eventually gave up and went into the waterpark.
My point to make today is that parents may not understand according to the Fresh Prince, but kids just don’t get time. “We’ve already waited forty-two hours (15 minutes)…” Tonight, as my daughter got ready for bed, she did so in the longest possible manner. See, the reason kids can’t follow the intricacies of time management is they don’t need to. Parents tell them when to be ready, when to eat, when to go to bed. They NEVER have to rationalize an early bedtime with an important meeting. This entry easily should illustrate that ignorance (innocence) is bliss.

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