Date Night and Harry Potter

Recently, I posted about an event my wife and I used to escape our children and enjoy what has affectionately been denoted “Date Night.” While we were out, my wife purchased a Groupon, the best thing if you’re willing to spend money in the first place, for a movie house that served dinner. Yet another opportunity to go out on the town arose.
You may be aware that I won an oyster eating contest by eating 100 in 6 minutes and 36 seconds offering me a gift certificate at a local bar. My wife immediately commandeered the money and slotted it for use when we could see the final installment of Harry Potter. It amazes me how much effort goes into arranging situations where people hire babysitters while they eat and be merry. There’s nothing wrong with this…really, I think after 7 straight days of changing diapers, I could use a break. I only have one. God help those with five.
The real question stands with the reasons why you want to go out. When you leave your kids to go on a date, does it feel all the sweeter to see them tucked into bed that night as you sneak in to give them that last goodnight kiss? Sometimes, it is just better to leave the kids at home while grownup activities occur. I doubt the patrons of that speakeasy in New York I visited would be considerate as my two year old had a tantrum about whether he could play with the candle on the table. Don’t feel guilty about leaving the kids behind, you are doing everyone else a favor!

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