The Dog Days of Summer

Everyone has their special memories of Summer. The Summer Break was the reward for a difficult school year and often was defined by the family trip across the country going from one Howard-Johnson to the next. Recently, scholars began to question the negative impact of long breaks away from school and thus, the year-round school schedule was born. Whether you define Summer as Memorial Day through Labor Day or simply the week of July 4th, it will always remain significant in developing lasting memories.
Tomorrow, I go back to school to prepare for the 2011-2012 calendar year. It seems like it took the first six weeks to develop a working routine and then finally enjoy the last two weeks where the kids haven’t driven me crazy. Obviously, like the fact that I get eight weeks of vacation every year and do not want to simply give that up, but there’s always one guy in the crowd that complains teachers got it “too good.”
Those same people fail to see the symbiotic relationship my career has with their lives. If I teach their children, and I get eight weeks off, so, too, do the children. Those weeks in Ocean City require workers at the putt putt and Kandy Kitchen. The lifeguards go to college and they want the summers off too. In other words, if they want to enjoy their beach vacation, then I need to get those weeks off.
Consider this my last stand as I head back to work. I don’t want to work, but the Lottery simply has not been cooperating. I promise to take you around the world with me when I win, if your kids are on Summer Vacation. Otherwise, you’ll have to keep them enrolled so they learn how to act when they become independently wealthy.

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