Counting Calories

Recently, my wife received a compliment that her appearance was better because she’d lost weight over the last few months. When asked her secret, she simply replied that no secret existed and she had simply been counting calories and exercising more. It seems that in the seventies, when people became increasingly focused on looks, that “fad diets” became the rage. Twenty years later, dieters had abandoned the Pritiken diet for the Atkins and South Beach. Even more recently, everybody that can afford a webpage is peddling a new way, an easier way, to lose weight.
Without stepping on my soapbox and proclaiming the ills of society and chide those f us who spend an unhealthy amount of time focused on appearances, i must ask again why everyone thinks there is an easy way to solve a difficult problem. Thin or fat, i bet you are unhappy with some attribute of your figure that others barely notice. The central theme of today’s entry focuses on the inordinate amount of emotional energy that focuses on finding an easy way out of a problem.
This past week has shown me that students are not resistant to learning, rather; they are resistant to work. Who can blame them? When those of us take on difficult challenges, we should be aware that failure IS an option if we don’t push ourselves. Yet, here again I find myself questioning how I could teach my students to work smarter and use their God-given talents to better themselves. Everybody has an idea, but no one has a concrete plan. How do I battle innate human characteristics. Like water, we find the route of least resistance to our destination.
When someone acts surprised that your effort has merited a positive change, thank them for the compliment. It simply can’t be our duty to lift everyone out of their abyss of problems and provide them with the answers they seek. Self-help books are a joke. If you need to fix your life, roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. Look out for number one; chances are, no one else is.

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