To pray or not to pray…

This weekend, my wife went with her sorority sisters to a reunion at Georgia where I am sure they bonded between beers and cocktails that only Athens, Georgia could offer. While she was away, I attempted to corral my children into subservience and discovered that disco bubble bath went a long way into helping the kids have fun. While I was alone, I concerned myself with my needs and even took the children to McDonalds after church so that I would not deal with negative feedback over lunch. Weirdly enough, when we arrived home, neither child ate their lunch, saying they were too full. I guess they could have warned me before I paid.
When my wife arrived home, we exchanged pleasantries until she offered me a growler; she said that she found a place in Athens that filled a 64 ounce bottle with a favorite draft. My wife exclaimed, ” I hope you like It…”
I did.
I want to know when my life stopped having fun in replace of my responsibilities. I do not remember the part in the orientation where it explained that life was hard. This evening, I created Disco Bath time where my children dance to the bubbles of a tub. I personally have made bedtime fun again.
When kids stray from our plans, how far should we let them reach? I am in charge of my daughter’s dance studio’s attempt at fundraising. Easily, I can see where I would put their efforts ahead of my own desires. The first thing I did was ask my parents to contribute by participating in the car wash. They agreed and I felt good.
today in Sunday School, we talked about prayer, a topic I have never felt comfortable with. I learned rote prayers in Catholic school then was sent on my own when I chose to be a Baptist. I learned today that biblically there is a model and in the Baptist faith, there is a strategy, but it feels like neither fits my plan.
when my children get sick, I want them well; when things don’t go my way, I want them fixed; and, when my friends suffer, I want it to end. I learned more today about what we should expect from God than I learned in Catholic school. God will hear you if you talk to him. Period.

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  1. #1 by Mr. Nobody on August 29, 2011 - 2:03 am

    I like this. It made me think about several things I’ve learned about prayer in my life. The thing I like best about it is that it is just a conversation with God which, for me, makes it easier. I can just say it. But better than that is knowing that He knows what I need before i can even bring it to Him and He knows what I need even if i can’t articulate it or don’t really know what I need.

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