Scattered Thoughts Across the Spectrum

In the relationships we have with others, we always believe we are the only one with whom they have interactions. However, Joyce wrote that each time we meet someone and have a relationship that “he is always the last term of a preceding series even if the first term of a succeeding one, always imagining he is the first”. My wife is the one and all of my life, the beginning and the end. Today, I lost a relative of my wife that I first met on Thanksgiving in 1991. Having known him for half my life, I felt he was my relative too. Getting through this time will help both my wife and I grow closer.
introducing my child to death was never something I wanted to do. Yes, people pass on and we must deal with it, but how one deals with it is uniquely individual. She will grow, too, at least in a different way.
on a lighter note, this week presents challenges both at work and my schooling. I draw ever closer to achieving my doctorate, but it still seems so far away. The day I graduate, I will have to reward myself.
My friends and I compete in fantasy football and my wife says I grow maudlin if I am losing. Really?!? Who likes losing. Each day we grow as one experience leads to another. It is how we deal with the crises between each that define us. Leaders have the intellectual capacity to assess and solve the problems and then learn from them. Too many people never learn from their mistakes. I know I’ve made my share of them.
So, today brings us closer to finding the answers that will lead us toward happiness. We hope we can grow together and I can help others achieve their best even when I can’t. My kids will learn that I am not perfect; I think my wife already knows. Scattered thoughts sometimes leads to clarity. I think I’ve found some.

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