The space/time continuum and immovable objects

Moving objects at rest through space is as difficult as it sounds. When I wake up early in the morning, groggy and sore from yesterday’s physical efforts, I want to hit the snooze and await the sunrise. I am a morning athlete who prefers to endure exercise before the crass ack of dawn. That being said, statistics show that those who workout early in the morning or more likely to be regimented and maintain regularity with their exercise plan.
The biggest question someone asked me recently was why I exercise so much. As I’ve stated in other posts, exercise chases the demons out of my head. I’m not possessed, but there are little voices of self-doubt and stressors that plague me to the point of festering unless I expel them. Wife thinks that she may have something to do with this, but really, she doesn’t. It’s those strangers on the subway that crowd me and give me the evil eye as if I am occupying their space.
Okay…we don’t have a subway in the ’05 Suburbs, but I do hate crowds. I would rather visit Wal-Mart at 3AM than on any given Saturday. I have switched to online purchasing only. Thank-you, Amazon! Free, Super-Saver shipping has ensured me that I never have to leave the house; except to exercise, and work, and…escape the kids.
During the years of my disability, I obtained a handicapped-parking pass that enabled me to get closer to the door, obviously, and avoid the mad line of traffic in the parking garage outside of the mall. I guess it seems a bit unfair to still use it since I have a bike rack on the trunk of my car. I noticed that Wal-Mart has the highest ratio of handicapped parking to regular than most retailers. I could always get a good spot there.
Some people become fixated on times and distances to the point of an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Oh, wait! That’s the definition of my life. Wife wonders why this doesn’t translate to the cleaning at home. I really did wash that dish! I didn’t notice it had another side. OCD does help with Fantasy sports, to a point. I recently drafted my MLB team and have already begun posting trades to ensure the best team on opening day…in two weeks… of a 20 week season.
Speaking of times and distances; I realize they’re very similar to that scale I figuratively tossed out the window. What is a good time to run a mile? There are websites out there that allow runners to see age-graded times. For instance, if I were to type in my best 5k time when I was 25, it would tell me that I was in better shape than I am at 42. The key question is are time and space negatively correlated to a high degree. If one runs farther, does he run faster? Alas, I find that the farther I run, the slower my legs will turnover.
Ramblings aside, I part with the idea that time does matter, just not when related to distance, but with age.

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