Fantasy Literature and Balloon Animals

The Literary Canon has eschewed fantasy literature for no good reason. The Lord of the Rings and the related works of J.R.R. Tolkien surpass most narrative qualities found in other stories. In fact, it laps other books in a 400m sprint. Give it a minute… Seriously, though, the idea behind this as most professors like to qualify the experience in reading is the “willful suspension of disbelief”. We know we’re not reading about reality, yet we allow ourselves to escape into the storyline. Some people, of course, may take this a little too far. I remember one Juror from a famous trial, can’t remember which, wore a star trek uniform to court. At least she wore red, a sign of leadership on Federation vessels.

As I mentioned in the previous blog, I wanted to escape from information overload and wife suggested I read a book. I love this idea. Let me tell you why it doesn’t work so well. I sit down to read a book, and son/daughter cries or complains about something. Or they need something. So, I put the book down and it gathers dust until the next opportunity. Lately, I have been taking time to read at work. Yes, I am allowed to read at work; after all, I am an English teacher. However, most of the books I am reading are for school, so at any given time, I am reading about four books.

This past week, wife has been in San Francisco, a long way from the ’05 where I live. She arrives home tonight to a hopefully semi-clean and livable condition. It is always refreshing to realize how hard we both work to ensure our family life works well. Son and I spent 7 miles on the Greenway together. Well, not really together. We were both there, but he was watching Despicable Me on my iphone as I pushed the jogging stroller as quickly as I could. I only had to stop four times to reset the video, fix the blanket that had shifted, or simply to give him some water. Despite this, I am beginning to believe that one cannot run too slowly. It’s more a belief destined out of reality.

When wife arrives home, I will kiss her and hug her then say, “Goodbye,” as I head to run more miles. She offered this opportunity to make up for the additional time I spent watching the kids. Primarily, though, I think she thinks I might be a bit crazed after the long trip. I may be crazy, but not from the trip. We had a good time.

Last night at Chik-Fil-A, my son and I ate dinner while a ballon artist made fabulous creations of all colors with rubber and air. While we were there, a young boy, 5 or 6, was in line again for a third time. He clearly had already been in line because he was holding two balloon creations. His mother, earbuds in her ears, told him it was time to leave. He threw a tantrum and the mother acquiesced allowing him to stay in line. In front of us. We were there for the first time. So, anyway, she comes back later only to ask her son again. Again, tantrum. So, he got a third ballon. Fantastic parenting, Ma’am.

Today is a new day. As Stewart Smiley says, “People like me”.


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