It’s Sunny in the ’05

It’s raining somewhere, just not in the ’05. If I am going to celebrate St Patrick’s Day by drinking black beverages and corn beef and cabbage, then it should at least feel like Ireland. In the ’05, it always feels like Mexico on Cinco De Mayo, which according to my son’s TV show, “Handy Manny” is just like today. I chose to swim indoors despite the weather. I have discovered that an hour and a half in the pool does not hurt as bad as on the road, or greenway, wherever. 90 minutes on the treadmill would drive any man insane.
I spoke with Mom and Dad at their beach house today where 30,000 people showed up this weekend to celebrate green day, no..not Earth Day. Dad would not go to the post office to get the mail because of traffic. He has no sense of hurry in his life. They asked me how Daughter was doing at dance competition (last week) and I told them she won! Apparently, daughter told grandparents that if she won, she could go to Hawaii. Sorry, it’s Savannah, GA.
We laughed about kids and reminisced about a trip I took when I was ten. We flew to San Diego and drove up the PCH to San Francisco over a couple weeks. I remember the Madonna Inn where I wanted to stay in the waterfall-themed room but instead got the Cowboy room. Not so bad. We stayed on the Queen Mary and we also visited Alcatraz. It’s funny what I remember about the prison. I focused on the room where Clint Eastwood dug his way out of the cell with a spoon in Escape from Alcatraz. Wife visited there last weekend and still thought it was cool.
One thing she noted is that they were working on the prison and had large tarps everywhere. This reminded me of my trip to Italy. I go all the way to Rome and visit The Vatican and was, of course, amazed; but when I went to see Michaelangelo’s famous St Peter’s painting, it, too, had a tarp. I mean, really?!? This is not as bad as going to Switzerland to see the William Tell play and discovering they were off that weekend. I have traveled the world effectively if not intelligently. Of course, the best place to visit is home in the ’05 where two kids and wife wait for me.

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