The Big Bang and my Theory

See, the thing about kids is they are easy to please.If you can figure out what they want; but then again, should I really listen to their whims while I try to make positive decisions for them? Truthfully, this reminds me of a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode where the Borg state that, ” Resistance is futile.” My biggest concern is that they’ll actually figure out my weaknesses and then enslave me. Oh, wait! This is not Federation space; this is the ’05 and I am the boss…or wife, at least.
Watching “The Big Bang Theory” reminds me that maybe kids will turn out alright even if their neuroses tend the world to see them as different. Really, that show makes me laugh because the characters tap the inner self in our psyches. The new fad, of course, is zombies. World War Z and “The Walking Dead” capture our interest because I think we all want our lives to end. Yes, I said it. Just not anytime soon. Purification is my new favorite word. Won’t zombies eventually fall to pieces?
I am currently teaching Lord of the Rings to a bunch of students who just can’t let themselves to be bothered to see how cool reading can actually be. They all watched the movie and can’t figure out why they fail the quizzes based on the book. Daughter keeps saying that the books she reads are too easy. Wife and I are at an impasse with daughter because she’s overreached her ability level and is not mature enough to read some of the literature she wants to. After all, Harry Potter gets a little scary for the under-ten set.
Today, daughter and I went to an indoor rock wall and I realized triathlon training is not good enough to climb a rock face. My friend ran 13.1 miles today in his first half-marathon and I immediately wondered how he did compared to my times. There I go again worried about time and distance when finishing is the end goal. Tomorrow, I will once again train harder than I should to reach some arbitrary goal. I know kids see this because they constantly ask why wife and I spend so much time and energy on exercise and diet.
The truth is that I worry what I am passing on to my kids. I strive to reach goals that I want to achieve. I think the key to raising well-balanced kids is to make sure they realize their goals, not mine.

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