I really want a Rascal scooter

Last week, I missed several blog posts because I had MRSA. No, seriously, I had a raging sinus infection that caused my eyes to remain stuck shut. After a Z-pack, though, I am right as rain. Doctor advised me not to touch my face and wash hands regularly. I never noticed how much I touch my face and eyes, especially with then are itchy and scratchy. It’s like that movie, Contagion, where the CDC advisors are explaining how the disease is spread so quickly.

Yesterday, I ran a triathlon that yielded pretty decent results. I improved my swim time, bike time and run time and not surprisingly was very sore last night. I was expecting wife to give me a backrub but, alas. At 6pm, mom and dad insisted on a video chat. Despite having done this a few dozen times, I still had to give Dad a tutorial on how to click the “Accept” button. The key problem with a video chat is now that grandparents can see son and daughter ignoring them. Before, when only one person could talk it mad it easier.

Twenty years ago, Sigourney Weaver starred in Aliens with Paul Reiser and they had a video call where they show Paul Reiser’s character just waking up. I would not have a video phone by my bed. The next evolution, I guess, would be to install one in the bathroom. It’s bad enough when you hear a flush on the telephone, but I certainly don’t need to see a live feed. So, the proponents say you can turn the video part off when you need to. Then, what is the point? For once, I will NOT be an early-adapter.

Speaking of technology, everyone is abuzz right now with the New iPad. I was more interested in the update to the Apple TV. Apple TV has been sort of a side product that never really caught on. It acts as an iTunes media server that can stream movies, music, even baseball and other sports through a little black box. I have the first generation model and I think it’s dying a slow death. On one hand, I would love to upgrade, but don’t fix (replace) it if it ain’t broke.

I had to get the brakes repaired on my primary car this week and am always shocked at the cost of automotive repairs. The only saving grace is that the car is paid for in full and that means any repairs almost feel gratis. I bought a new bike rack from Amazon to go on the car, but daughter’s bike doesn’t fit. I guess I should have thought about that first, but I did finBiker Gangd a $40 Thule adapter that will enable me to ferry her bike to the greenway two or three times per year. Yeah, that’s right…two or three times. If even that. When I was a kid, I lived on my bike, now she just mopeds around the neighborhood with her gang of biker girls. I guess that’s my fault. Pretty soon, I am sure she’ll ask for a Rascal to get around the house. At least I’ll be able to borrow it.

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