My Own Vacation Planet

Captain’s log, stardate 65720.9: the Chronicles of Spring Break, Part II, have been uneventful as of late. I thought I would get numerous agenda items completed but instead watched the Baltimore Orioles play the Tampa Bay Rays. You know, when the Rays first became a franchise, they were known as the Devil Rays. Apparently, it was scaring the kids. Scifi shows seem to really freak daughter out. She can watch fantasy shows and not blink an eye, a la Harry Potter, but any aliens and she loses it.

I have always wondered how kids react to visual images and scenes from TV and movies. When daughter was little, wife and I would watch shows with impunity. Last week, a colleague who likes CSI said her daughter started saying things like bad guys and using pretend guns. Whoops! I still think higher class shows like Star Trek:TNG offered allegorical life lessons. The aliens don’t even look really alien.

Alas, there is violence and the jury is still out as to it’s impact on young children. I find that son is less phased by it then daughter was mainly because he’s watched more PG movies than she did at his age. Daughter still likes PBS’s Arthur and The Backyardigans. Heck, I even like them. Who can forget the episode, “The Quest for the Flying Rock”?

Wife and kids are at the beach still and enjoying every minute. Son even had the chance to pee off the back balcony. Yes, it’s a private beach home, not a high-rise condominium. They went on their second after dinner walk and celebrated with ice cream cones. Daughter’s cone had a crack in it so she refused to eat it at first. We didn’t get cones when I was her age. We didn’t get ice cream! Mom and Dad were too focused on wheat grass to allow that.

The life-long debate seems to be either the Florida Panhandle, I.e. Panama City, or the East Coast near Charleston. I like the idea of smaller homes, but I hear the beaches are pretty good on the Gulf of Mexico. It seems more and more like mother-in-law wants a fancier beach house to stay in. When I was a kid, our beach home lacked air condition and carpet so you always had sand on the bottom of your feet. We would borrow fans from mom mom and pop pop, but they were the old, metal kind that would easily chop a little one’s finger off.

Of the infinite stars in the galaxy, there has to be a planet with great beaches and crisp water. The vacation planet, Risa, was an M-class planet in a binary star system that provided luxury to its patrons. I think I’ve seen the place in Costa Del Sol, Spain. Except, Spain was pricy. They don’t take money on Risa. Explain that, again? Somehow, the neighborhood pool, measuring 40 feet x 20 feet just doesn’t compare, but it’s better than the public pool. At least you can bring beer (in cans only, please).


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