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At least I can boil water

The other night, wife woke me while I was sleeping. Tap, tap, tap…husband; tap, tap, tap…husband; tap, tap, tap…husband, “What?!?!?!” I prize my sleep; I relish it. The only two reasons to wake me are family emergency and… Anyway, wife disturbed my vaguely realistic yet surreal dream to ask me about chicken eggs. See, wife had become upset that chicken eggs that we eat are not fertilized. She felt that is a waste of time on the hen’s part. Why lay eggs that will never grow up? I patted her on the leg, rolled over and ignored her until I fell back asleep.

Speaking of children, yesterday passed without a single episode of chastisement needed. Son put on his clothes (shirt DID have to be heated) and daughter did not participate in any tween rebellion. Son has now started going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, although sometimes he forgets to flush and wife was a little shocked Sunday morning to find the toilet full. Again with the potty. I’ve blogged before that my life centers around it.

My search for Wil Wheaton continues as I saw him on an episode of Eureka where he plays, shocker, a scientist. I’m not really obsessed with him, but it was like watching him grow up on the screen; first came Stand by Me then TNG. I remember when Kirk Cameron grew up on Growing Pains. Now, that show WAS painful to watch, or Michael J. Fox on Family Ties. Some child actors have their careers launched through roles early on. Adult actors often make the move to film, but speaking of growing Pains, Meredith Baxter-Birney went on to star in umpteen thousand Lifetime made for TV movies. All the title on that channel sound like, “Caught in the Act: The Francis Turner Story.”

Do I watch TV? Why, yes, I do. God did not make the technology for me simply to ignore it. Many people bask in their own arrogance by saying, “We’ve given up TV…” However, rather than reading by candlelight and playing board games, if you ask them more closely, they will tell you that they now subscribe to Hulu on their computer or handheld device, i.e. iPad. Others simply download free movies and store them on a media server. How is this different? They say they’re saving money, but you get what you pay for, in some cases. Don’t get me started on the overpricing of cable, but watching shows on a computer monitor is the same as watching TV.

My real passion had always been movies. Before daughter, wife and I would go to movies or rent them from Video Library in college; then Blockbuster, then Netflix. But, when son arrived, I don’t have time to watch movies. Heck, I get up at 4am to make time to exercise. It’s not like I can turn Halloween on in the living room on a Saturday afternoon with the kids around. Plus, I think I have Adult ADD; I can barely sit through these long movies without taking a break. I don’t go to theaters because they cost a freaking fortune, but they also take three hours from your life. 15 minutes to get there, 15 to wait, get popcorn; then a two hour moive, followed by a 15 minute return home. To go out to see a movie, wife and I would have to spend $52 BEFORE popcorn and drinks. Wife’s purse is always filled with snacks, but buttered popcorn does not fit in my jeans pocket.

Now, I watch baseball on during the day. The best part is that the subscription package, actually edits out the commercials. I can watch any game at any time through my Apple TV. I like this because it creates good, wholesome entertainment without R-rated commercials like Fox TV has during Sunday football. I actually spoke out and wrote a letter to ask them to not show mature commercials during the games so kids could watch. Alas, they’re not really interested in watching sports and wife, well….at least she knows a homerun is. “Take me out to the ballpark, take me to the game…

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