Kids and the Crawfish Chronicles, Part I

Once son, a three year old, laid eyes on the tap and keg of Stella, his eyes grew bigger and he found heaven. For those of you concerned about drinking, he could care less; however, he wanted to run the tap for everyone at the party. So, now I have a future Pi Kappa Alpha legacy ready to get his drink on when he hits college. Great! [sarcastically] There goes his GPA. Oh no, wait…that was me. He was concerned that his older sister did not have a beverage and picked up one from a table to give to the “big girls”. I guess he is already starting to give his ladies a drink. I saw daughter for a total of ten minutes the entire weekend as she played with other girls.

Once again wishing for Warp speed capabilities on the USS Buick, I took son and daughter on a 400mile road trip from the ’05 to I-85 NorthNorth Carolina for a friend’s 40th birthday bash. Rather than suffer the indignities of fast food restaurants and dirty gas station restrooms, we opted to stop at Rest Areas along the highway. I plotted our navigational system to stop every 100miles at one of our most overlooked resources. See, the rest area offers an unencumbered play area with picnic opportunities and almost always clean restrooms. Plus, it’s just a slight detour of f the interstate. Our journey towards our destination was uneventful, but coming home, both rest areas in South Carolina were closed, and son and daughter went 155miles without stopping. I passed two state troopers doing 90mph as I neared the stop because son was crying that he REALLY HAD TO GO POTTY. Could I have stopped elsewhere along the way? Yes, but why mess with the plan.

Meanwhile, wife was in Miami with high school friends staying on a 72foot yacht with its own cabin boy and captain. Ok, I am with kids driving hours upon hours while wife is sunning at the beach?!?!? Well, that would have been true but it rained in Miami the ENTIRE weekend. I lived there when I went to school at the U and never saw weather like that. Turned out, there’s a tropical depression circling Bermuda that has its tail hitting lower Florida. Instead of spending the time hitting the Florida Keys on the yacht, they spent it running from store to store buying things they could have purchased anywhere else. Heck, they could have been in Cleveland. They didn’t even eat much seafood. Who goes to Miami and doesn’t eat Cuban food or fresh seafood?

The birthday bash was a huge success starting with 102lbs of crawfish being delivered on Saturday morning. That balanced out to about 4lbs per guest. Not everyone understands the true delicacy of the mud puppy and its Cajun goodness. Perhaps it is because of the purging process that happens prior to cooking. With live crawfish, they must soak in a brine to cleanse their systems. This leaves for murky waters that many people would not admire in their dining experience. Daughter, a very conservative eater, tried a few but noticed that some had a yellow cream in them. When explaining to wife what she’d seen, wife told her it was just part of the insides. I was going to say it was roe, but I see what wife was attempting to do. The other night we were eating taco salad which has a dressing composed of ketchup, mayonnaise and ground black pepper. She’s eaten it before, but daughter asked what was in it and I when I told her, she balked and refused to eat it. Sometimes, ignorance IS bliss. Her ignorance, our bliss.


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  1. #1 by Wife on May 1, 2012 - 3:51 pm

    I know, right??? Nice thumb shot, btw. 🙂 Can we get warp for the Pilot pre-Beach Week 2011? Although…I might trade 400mi in the car with the Starfleet candidates vs. some of my airline flight neighbors. Yes, I’m talking to YOU, shoulder-napping lady! Ew!

    • #2 by skischulze on May 1, 2012 - 4:44 pm

      I had to show that at least I was there

  2. #3 by theresa on May 1, 2012 - 10:01 pm

    Cute story-especially the part about Miami….though I beg to differ-I could’t have bought this cute jewelry anywhere else, and I am sure your wife came home with some purchases that may not have been made otherwise? But I agree on the seafood issue–I will try to muscle in and pick the restaurants next time~ if you will let us have her again!!!

    • #4 by skischulze on May 1, 2012 - 10:33 pm

      Ah, yes. Miami did provide some unique and noteworthy purchases. Take her anytime…I’m sure she’d love another trip!

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