The Super Sauce Cafe and Biblical Port-a-Potties

Have you visited the Super Sauce Café? It has pini colodas and blue moon beer, and all the salads come with lettuce; heck, you can even get a carnivore salad with pepperoni and ham. This fine establishment was founded in 1901 and even has a solid kids’ menu. However, if you want a beer, a license is required. Where is this great restaurant that offers such a wonderful experience? Actually, it’s straight from daughter’s imagination! She was tasked to write a realistic menu for her class and brought it home. The best part of the menu is that it actually does include the types of food we see and get at the restaurants we visit. I was concerned though when I saw blue moon beer was $10.95 each. It might be too pricey for my wallet.

Last night, wife and I went to a Vacation Bible School volunteer meeting where we received our assignments for the upcoming event this summer. I am a story teller and must entertain and educate fourth graders about various Bible stories. The best one this year is when Jesus feeds the 5,000. I like that story, but you know, he gave all that food and drink to the people, but it never mentions port-a-potties. The more I eat, the more I gotta go. Even if they had some, there were probably too few and the lines were horrible. I guarantee they ran out of toilet paper well before the fun began. Somehow, I have to work that into my teaching lesson. Patience is a virtue, after all.

Speaking of potty, (yet again) son refused to go after Bible study so the family piled in the USS Buick to head towards home. We get halfway home when he announces that he has to go. Twenty seconds later, he starts to go in his pants. We are literally three and a half miles from our house. We had to stop in to TCBY anyway, so wife led him into the bathroom where he promptly did his business. He is finally getting used to the other bathrooms and no longer will only go at home. A friend told me a story that her son refused to drop a deuce on an open toilet seat, only going on those with a closed front. She said he’d hold it for days. When I was a kid at Boy Scout camp, I held it for four days because the toilets didn’t have doors. Who does that to a pre-teen?

Things have changed at home. Wife still reads son his stories before bedtime, but last night he had an accident where I thought he’d severed his hand. He kept crying, “I want Daddy! Where is Daddy?” This is a 180 degree turnabout from earlier in his life. He is becoming a daddy’s boy. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, except when he calls from within the bathroom, “Dadddy, I weeeent!” Nice.

Last night on The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon was outsmarted by a fifteen year old prodigy who graduated valedictorian from some ivy league school. I think son will be a prodigy; I just can’t imagine he’d be able to make a living throwing tantrums. Listen, it all sounds terrible until son and daughter laugh, then I remember why I didn’t send them into space as test monkeys.


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  1. #1 by Wife on May 10, 2012 - 1:18 pm

    This year I am hoping no one in the VBS class wets their pants, including me.

  2. #2 by skischulze on May 10, 2012 - 1:20 pm

    I look forward to the one student in each class who asks bizarre questions or gives strange answers to EVERYTHING. You know the one, always with her hand raised even when no question has been posed.

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