Wife sunk my Battleship

Can you imagine a movie about the game, “Sorry!”? The film industry has lost its freaking mind when it comes to making action movies. Battleship opens up tomorrow and I don’t think anyone is sitting in anticipation to see how the movie will “play” out. Heck, I mean it may be a good movie to watch. To see the trailer, click here: Battleship Trailer on YouTube! As one commenter wrote, “I can’t believe they got all that out of a board game.” The game company, Hasbro, Inc, has had a field day with the Transformers series from early cartoons to the latest movie, Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Barbie made her appearance in the Toy Story franchise..even Ken showed up in his nice ass-cot.

Recently, The Avengers appeared at the movie theater and earned a whopping $250M in its opening weekend. Comic books are not just for Nerds anymore. I remember riding my bike in Fenwick Island from Essex Street down Bunting Avenue to get to the gas station on Atlantic with my father after his daily run to get the paper. Inside there was a rack of various comic books, Archie, Spiderman; I remember even a Scrooge McDuck. Nothing was more thrilling than getting the 25 cents from dad to buy it. Yes, I said 25 cents. I might be dating myself. I think the modern versions of these famed comic book heroes allow us to be kids again. Unless you’re the cast of The Big Bang Theory who still collect comic books, and Sheldon, who specifically uses gloves with which to read them.

I stated yesterday that daughter was reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and she wants to see the movie. She swears she won’t be scared, but wife and I have been down that road before. Daughter has read the first three books of Harry Potter and balked at the conclusion of the Prisoner of Azkaban when Lupin becomes a werewolf. I had to turn it off as she ran into the other room. Son loves movies, watching Cars 2 for the umpteenth million time yesterday. Last night, son took his first swim lesson and did not drown, score one for us!

Surprisingly, I am the only one who watches SyFy shows and movies with glee. Prometheus looks awesome but, alas, I will have to wait for it to come to video before I get a chance to see it. Wife simply won’t take me to the movies anymore. Poor me! I used to go on “man-dates” to see movies that wife wanted to avoid, but I haven’t done that in a while. Perhaps, I ought to pick up the phone. What’s better than catching a good flick with a friend?

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