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If Star Trek: The Next Generation has taught us anything, it’s that being blind in the 24th century is no big deal, mostly because you can just wear an all-seeing visor a la Geordi La Forge. Why scientists in the future couldn’t come up with a less bulky solution is beyond me, but still, it’s more advanced than anything we have right now.

That might change with the Monash Vision Group’s bionic eye project. Currently, the research team’s prototype looks a DIY version of Geordi’s visor, but the ultimate plan is to build a pair of ordinary-looking glasses outfitted with two digital cameras: one outside to capture images of the surrounding environment and one inside to track the movement of the eyeballs.

The digital images would then be transmitted wirelessly from the glasses to a small implant in the wearer’s brain, which would stimulate the visual cortex to let…

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