I’ll sleep when I’m dead

Indian Seats

Looking out over North Georgia

I swam a mile in a 60ft deep lake, I rode 21mi, ran a 5k, and, oh yeah, climbed a mountain. A small mountain, but taller than a hill. The family went to the pool four days in a row where I watched son learn and grow as a swimmer (perhaps too fast!) Daughter danced and went to TWO parties; wife ran 12mi; this was my relaxing weekend. I need a vacation from my vacations. Then again, I find sitting on the beach ten hours a day over a week extremely tedious. I secretly look forward to coming in for son’s nap where I can read, watch TV, or actually write, which is what I am supposed to do.

Write my dissertation, that is. Today, I planned to come into school on the last day where I have several hours slotted to work on it. So, I emailed it quickly to myself this morning. The wrong one. Typically, this is not a problem. I could find a place to start and go from there. But this one is 3 months old. My primary goal today was to fix the table of contents issue I was having. Thankfully, this version works fine. It’s the new one that is screwed up and I am left with bupkis  to fix. See, everyone thinks that teachers have so much free time because of the breaks. I agree, we do waste a considerable amount of time on our professional development day waiting for things to happen. These ceased to be Teacher Workdays since someone thought we didn’t need any extra time. You know, because of all those breaks.

When you get right down to it, most people don’t spend all 60 minutes per hour working diligently on something without a break. Sure, many people do work hard; but, if you’re reading this at work…shouldn’t you be doing something else? I think the water cooler has been replaced by the internet. When someone needed a mental break, he headed toward the proverbial town center amid the cube farms and had a chat about sports, the weather, and other stuff people said just to hear themselves talk. Now, our breaks include staring at a computer screen reading blogs, commenting on news articles, or setting your baseball lineup…hmmm, I gotta get to that.

No movie captured the essence of life in a cube farm than Mike Judge’s Office Space. From the scene where Peter tells his boss that he’s not coming in on the weekend to when he is cleaning a fish on his desk, no one sticks it to the man, Bill Lumburgh, better than he does. Whatever you may think is the climactic point in the movie, I believe it is when the trio of co-workers take the fax machine into the woods and beat it to death with baseball bats and boots. Some days, I wish I could take the technology that everyone wants me to fix and bash its brains in, simply stating, “I guess it’s really broke, now.”

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