Roasting marshmallows over an electric stove


So, the sign at Unicoi State Park signaled the dangers of the black bears; daughter was terrified, son didn’t care, but secretly I wanted to see one so that I could wrestle it and demonstrate, yet again, my superman strength. Alas, no bears. While we were there, we stayed in a not-so-rustic “barrel” cabin straight out of the fifties. The cabins were fine, but they had no fire pit. I know we were not really camping, but roasting marshmallows over the electric stove did not really inspire the inner camper in me.

The trails were fantastic. Wife ran around the lake early in the AM but lost the trail and ran through the underbrush to get back to it. I warned her to wash her legs fearing the nastiness of poison ivy. Luckily, she didn’t get any but it’s not like she listened to me anyway. It reminds me of a recent saying about thanking someone for letting me know that using sun lotion would prevent sunburn AFTER I was already lobster-esque. I ran around the same trail sans cut-through in my Vibram Five Fingers. These are a pair of those shoes that have individual toes. I posted a record time and also bruised my feet on the gravel rocks. WTF? Who pours gravel on a trail through the woods?

After leaving the campsite we journeyed to Helen, Georgia, an anachronistic revival of nineteenth century Germany set in the mountains. Wife noted that at some point in history, someone must have decided to bring Bavaria to the city, including even the local fast food chains. We played half a round of miniature golf where apparently we have to add our ages to our final score to find the winner. Somehow adding 42 to my score did not help my competitive nature.

Over the next two days, I trained furiously to get ready for the triathlon on June 10. Yesterday, however, I slipped on the stairs and strained my extensor hallucis tendon in my right foot. You know how they say home is where the heart is and most accidents happen near your home? Obviously, my body takes this very seriously and I get injured everywhere I go, from Malaga, Spain (concussion) to Athens, Georgia (broken jaw) and finally the ’05. That company that says “Life is Good” has never paid my medical bills.

I sit here now watching yet another episode of Curious George with my foot on ice. Freakin fantastic, I can swim 1.5km, bike 40km, and run 10km; how will this help me on Sunday? It will remind me of $80 I spent to sleep in.

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