Going the distance, going for speed

As I swam a mile and a half in the Atlantic Ocean today, wife was listening through the door of son’s bedroom as he was teaching his “baby friend” to go poop in the snack bowl. I struggle to balance fitness and family life. Wife gets up before anyone to get her miles in.

I choose to sleep in.

Today we visited a lighthouse decommissioned in 1933 and daughter and wife climbed up while I stayed with the “under the 44inch set”. We had a good day!

I struggle with finding motivation to beat the odds and meet my goals. Is an Ironman in my future? Who knows…Tri the Mountains is in three weeks and I am looking forward to the next challenge. I will be watching the 2012 London Olympics to see the Triathlon. But, really…we all have to overcome the demons that haunt us and keep us from achieving glory. Read a friend’s personal journey to greatness in France: 2012 Ironman France: The Journey

Peace out!

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