Psss Don’t Tell Wife

Does anyone REALLY enjoy family vacations? Too many people stuffed in places with too few beds; but, hey… at least it’s close to the beach. Our vacations aren’t like that. We have plenty of room and enjoy each other’s company. Sound like a fairy tale? Maybe. I probably am exaggerating a bit. Truth is, my in-laws are ready to kick me to the curb by Friday.

I remember my summers at the beach as I grew up. No AC, sand in the bed. The saving grace was a Dairy Queen down the street where my girlfriend worked so she would give me extra size cones for free. Psss, don’t tell wife. She might get jealous. She worked at 31 Flavors and did not have the dip cone to offer.

Wife and daughter have gone to a national dance competition to spend the week learning, and dancing. Heck, I don’t know what they’re doing. I’ve never been to one. Meanwhile, son and I are partying it down in the ’05 with ladies and cold beverages. Psss, don’t tell wife. Realistically, son and I are having a good time. He actually went to sleep last night without crying. Nap time is a different story. He does not seem to want to stop playing legos and this new toy wife bought called “stomp rocket” where he slams his foot down and a foam rocket launches into the stratosphere (or merely the ceiling).

Don’t believe everything you see

Truth is, son wanted to go to the frog pool more than he wanted the beach. After six hours in the car, he kept begging to go to the pool. Yeah, sand and surf beckoning and he longs for the chlorine. He loves the ocean as does wife and daughter. Mmmm, I like the surf, but hate the sand. I despise needing two showers a day. Heck, I haven’t showered since Monday. Psss, don’t tell wife.

Recently, we had everyone over on Father’s Day. As soon as both fathers arrived, they wondered why we didn’t have the U.S. Open Golf Tournament on. Watching Happy Gilmore as I write this speaks true to my heart. My father urged me to play golf when I was young. As mother-in-law can attest to the idea, I peaked at an early age. one great moment this vacation was the mile and a half open water swim in the Atlantic. Tri the Mountains in Blue Ridge, Georgia, is coming in a week. I just need to make training a full time job. As wife says, only hobos have enough time to make it work, but, alas, all they have is mountain bikes. BTW, I do, in fact have a mountain bike that allows me to be passed uphill and down. Dear Santa…

Every night is Syfy night at casa del ’05 since wife is away. Maybe when she gets back, I’ll let her in talk me into a Rom-Com. Psss, don’t tell wife. After all, a happy wife means a happy house.

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